What we do


Our amazingly simple paperless process has been time tested at multiple locations pan India. We are especially careful about your privacy, data confidentiality and data accuracy. Individuals will have access to health data 24x7 on their online interactive dashboard. Employers can look at group level data and make decisions on focussed wellness program implementation.

We acquire

Authenticity and accuracy of the data is key to meaningful analysis. We acquire clinical data (Physicals, Blood, Urine, ECG, Echo, Carotid Doppler) at your location and personal health data (Lifestyle, Food Habits, Exercise Habits, Family Medical History, Your Medical Conditions, Mental Health & Stress) online. We have instituted various validation tools to make sure that the data collected is error free. We use best in class personnel and equipment, strong IT backbone, and strict national and international guidelines to make sure we collect robust data for our analytical solution.

 On-site health check
 Cloud based data acquisition
 Data Confidentiality
 Focus on privacy

We analyze

What makes Health Vectors the best in class is the analytical solution that analyses the clinical and personal health data that we collect. We are a new generation technology-driven company that has expertise in healthcare analysis, evidence based science, statistics and mathematics.

Based on years of research, our researchers and doctors have also created a smart Neural Net which makes sure that important combinations of both clinical and personal health data are not inadvertently missed. Our time-tested predictive algorithms provide insights into health needs of individuals and organizations with precision.

 Health Risk Prediction
 Step by Step Risk Mitigation Plan
 Proprietary Health Scoring
 Trend Tracking and Comparisons

We act

The output of Health Vectors’ proprietary analytics, is then used to obtain a personalized health status report and the necessary focused action plans. Depending on the level of intervention necessary, suggestions and strategies are worked out by Health Vectors’ team of medical experts. A simple step by step guideline is then delivered to enable measurable health improvements. We don’t only leave it there, at various time intervals we follow-up and remeasure the impact of our guidelines.

 Personalized Recommendations
 Motivational Consultations
 Measured Follow-ups
 Focussed Wellness Planning