Executive Health Check

Comprehensive Health Screening

Since data is the basis of everything we do, we work diligently to make sure that all information we obtain is robust. Our mobile van is equipped with an array of best in class diagnostic equipment and people to enable us to collect authentic data.

A whole collection of tests have been designed to perform diagnostics on a mobile basis. Some gender specific tests have also been designed. Analyzing the data obtained from these tests, and combining this information with the answers to the survey questions helps us diagnose the state of an individualís health. A team of well qualified doctors get together on each and every case and make all the assessments.

In addition to our mobile diagnostic facility, we also have additional central facility that is conveniently located. This location has additional equipment and facilities that enable us to perform further diagnostics to make sure that we have not left anything to chance. If we feel that the individual needs additional help, we will promptly redirect you to other facilities with your buy in.

Personal Health Report
Corporate Health Report
Online Data Access
Physician Counselling
Diet Counselling

What we test

  • Blood Test.
  • Urine Test.
  • Physicals.
  • Electrocardiogram.
  • Carotid (on-site).
  • Echocardiogram (on-site).

Test Details

Height Haemoglobin FBS Total Cholesterol Urea TSH SGOT (AST) Color EKG (12 Leads)
Weight Packed Cell Volume HbA1c Triglycerides Creatinine T3 SGPT (ALT) S.G. Echo Cardiogram
Hip RBC Count HDL Cholesterol Uric Acid T4 GGTP pH Carotid Doppler
Waist MCV LDL Cholesterol Protein, Total
Alkaline Phos. Proteins
Pulse MCH VLDL Cholesterol Albumin
Bilirubin, Total Glucose
Temperature MCHC Non HDL Cholesterol A:G Ratio Bilirubin, Direct Ketones
SpO2 RDW HDL/ Total Cholesterol Alkaline Phos. Bilirubin, Indirect Bilirubin
BP Systolic Platelet Count Calcium Albumin Urobilinogen
BP Diastolic Leukocyte Ct., Total Phosphorus A:G Ratio Leucocyte Est.
Chest Inhale Seg. Neutrophils
Sodium R.B.C.
Chest Exhale Lymphocytes Potassium Pus Cells
BMI Monocytes Chloride Epithelial Cells
Ht./Wt. Eosinophils BUN Casts
Waist/Hip Basophils Crystals
BSA Abs. Neutrophil Other Obs.
Body Fat % Abs. Lymphocyte
Waist/Ht. Abs. Monocyte
Abs. Eosinophil
Abs. Basophil
Blood Group
Rh Factor