Data analytics


This is the process step where Health Vectors creates all the magic. Preventive health care is the basis of all that we do at Health Vectors. Our expert panel of doctors, aided by our specialized analytics team can bring to focus issues related to your health that would normally be ignored. While ignorance is bliss for many situations, it is not so when it comes to healthcare related matters. In fact, the earlier we can spot trends and indicators that relate to adverse health outcomes, the sooner we can proactively intervene. In some instances, we can even give you a clear indication of the probability of a disease striking you in the short / long term.

The secret to our approach is that we do not look at your current test results only. We also ask you to answer a few personal health questions that relate to your lifestyle, food habits, exercise habits, previous health information, family health history, etc. The answer to these questions help us obtain a 360 perspective of your health. This in turn enables us to get a holistic view of your health, which in turn enables us to move forward with the proactive interventional process.

In short, we are constantly looking for trends and patterns in your health records that provide us the clues necessary to assess the levels of intervention necessary for disease avoidance. The way we look at it its your choice whether you want to know about your health risks before or after a disease strikes you.