Srinivas Bhogle
Director & Country Manager - TEOCO

"Health Vectors' key offering is to 'watch over' the health of each of our Employees. This might not seem like such a big deal; but wait till you actually watch the Health Vectors team in action! They do so many big and little things right that overall experience is both valuable and enjoyable. I admire their attention to detail, their strong focus on hygiene, their medical examination and data collection process, their documentation that provides insight and tips ,their detailed analytics with their clever ranking schemes, their mathematical models , their respect for privacy, their professional touch, and above all cheerful demeanour. We entered into this relationship with some scepticism, but are happy to announce that we have been completely 'converted'. I would strongly recommend the Health Vectors brew. It is very good for your health."

H R Shashikant
Group Executive President,Group Human Resources - Aditya Birla Group

"Many congratulations for successfully completing Fit @ Work program for Idea and Madura team in Bangalore. This would not have been possible without your diligent and meticulous effort to drive this initiative in both the companies. As a pilot initiative, the success of this program plays a pivotal role in taking employee wellness to the next level of maturity. Such programs not only show organization's care but also enhances employee's accountability towards their health. We look forward towards your continuous focus and support in enhancing employee wellness experience in ABG."

Kartik Ganapathy
Partner - Induslaw

"The check-up conducted by Health Vectors was professionally run and managed, and accomplished with minimal disruption to our business. The pre and post check-up sessions were very informative, and also played a significant role in ensuring participation and effective follow-up. The analysis, results and presentation of information was useful, comprehensible and recognized as being very well done not only by us, but also by third party healthcare providers that some of us consulted. We look forward to continuing the health checkup initiative with Health Vectors."