We acquire

Carried out onsite with authentic data collection, we have customizable executive health check packages for everyone.

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We analyze

We predict health risks endorsed by evidence based science & experienced doctors' panel, by analysing trends in clinical as well as lifestyle data.

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We act

Giving you the power of analysis-driven decision making to make informed choices towards a healthier life.

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How are we different ?

Every population is unique demographically, so is each individual medically. We analyse clinical as well as lifestyle data
to gauge health risks and arrive at personalized recommendations and actions.

  • On-site
    Health check
  • Health Risk Prediction
  • Data-Driven
  • Patented Data
  • Complete Data Confidentiality
  • Focussed Wellness planning

How do we do it?

Health Vectors follows its own patented process from accurate data acquisition and analysis to report delivery. We have partnered up with reputed hospitals and diagnostic centres pan India with a clear focus on
professionally managed hygienic process.

Data Collection
On-site Executive Health Check
Online Health Questionnaire
On-site Echocardiography
Precise Data
Spot Deadly Combinations
Disease Risk Prediction
Lifestyle Analysis
Track Trends
Detailed Report
Complete Wellness Plan
Physiotherapy Advice
Diet Plan
Follow up
Biannual Repeat Testing
Physician Consultation
Dietitian Consultation
Follow up Report


Health Vectors uses predictive analytics to combat epidemic problem of chronic diseases. Using the four pillars indicated below, employees can stave off or even prevent the contraction of various lifestyle related disorders. Employers can implement Health Vectors' focussed wellness solutions to improve health metrics of specific groups
in the organization based on demographics and location data.

Analytical Scoring Engine

Quantitative scores which project complete picture of health by taking and translating various formats of health data (Clinical, Lifestyle, Diet, Exercise, Family History, Mental Health and Stress).

Risk Predictor & Mitigator

Uses evidence based disease risk algorithms like IDRS, Framingham Heart Studies, etc. to calculate disease risk and provides a simple plan to mitigate them.

Neural Net

Smart heuristic rules which analyse health data to figure out deadly medical combinations and prepare a complete medical plan.

Trakker Tool

Trend tracking tool that benchmark and continuously monitor any changes and alerts to take corrective actions.